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After nearly a decade and thousands of clients, I’ve noticed that art’s transformational power is massively effective as a team building technique. I’ve analyzed and dreamed, I’ve meditated and journaled. I’ve discovered there are 5 SMART REASONS that people have been so excited to get into my Transformational Intuitive Painting Workshops


1- TRUST Creating psychological safety within your organization gives your team the confidence it needs to get creative and think outside the box . Whether you’re trying to come up with a new product, solve a problem, or manage existing teams, and projects trust is key to creativity. 

2- SOLVE A recent study shows that team building events are proven to drive self awareness and dynamic group connection. Self awareness brings knowledge of how reactivity can occur. When we’re more able to be mindful and intuitive we understand better how to bring up difficult subjects for maximum problem solving impact. 

3- RELATE Heightened self awareness in your organization brings greater confidence, decision-making, people-management, and stress management skills, which creates fertile ground for excellent relationship and exponential growth.

4- THRIVE Being connected to the gut or the intuition is critical in smart decision making. This skill brings clarity in all areas of life. When your team is embodying their thought processes the whole organization thrives. 

5- PLAY The power behind connected team building is that laughter and memories are made which create a bond that extends beyond the conference room. Its shown that the top execs from Apple to Virgin know how to bring playful energy into their work keeping them fresh and inspired. 

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.”
— Brené Brown, Braving the Wilderness

Using this cutting edge technique…

  • "My co-founder and I attended Julee's Intuitive Painting workshop. Since that transformational experience we have changed the way we think about decision making with our board, our staff and our families." - Jeffery Ho, Founder Elite Lending

  • "As a transformation coach I think of myself as being very self aware, but while I was in Julee's Intuitive Painting workshop I was blown away by the whole new level of personal growth that I experienced. Julee has a way of creating an intentional space for each person to express themselves, but also be able to be vulnerable with themselves. Created a space to be playful and find what brings them joy, this workshop was an amazing gift." - Brian Picowitz, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

  • Every person in that workshop that I was in came away with something absolutely huge that they can then apply to their business. She is gifted. You gotta check this out."  - Preston Pugmire, Business strategy and mindset coach

  • I’m forever grateful to Julee who encouraged me to go back to what sets my soul on fire to what brings me Joy, to helping me with getting back into a healthy routine, to getting me to work through my grief, for helping me find joy in the midst of my grieving , for being here for me as I cry from being in grief , for week after week just pouring love into me, believing in me, mostly holding a space for me where I can be still , gain some peace and clarity -Heather Marie